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Is it too expensive for you to run your own IT department, but  you need to keep your business running smoothly? Do you need to acutely fill the lack of developer capacities? We offer long-term outsourcing of application development, but also short-term assistance in the form of bodyshopping.

Development Management

Quality and professional development management is the first prerequisite for the success of any IT project. The investor, however, does not always have this expertise on his side. If not, we are here to shield the development and help overcome all the pitfalls of it. We offer project management, architects and analysts. We offer a well-coordinated team of developers who have their management and workflow organized on our side and suitably complement the investor’s capacity.


We have a large enough team of developers with extensive skills across programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. Our experts are constantly educated and are looking for the latest technologies for their work. Thanks to the diversity of our team we guarantee the highest quality of our services. We have many years of experience on our side.

Human Resources

The strength of outsourcing lies in the ability to provide the project with adequate human resources without the need to fully utilize every required role and thus pay it full-time. Our team includes developers, software architects, analysts or UX designer and graphic designer. We provide well-coordinated teams and always take care of the substitutability of individual team members. In this way, we achieve a high level of comfort for our services for very reasonable funds and considerable savings in the requirements for securing the investment.

Development methodology

We always choose the development methodology based on the nature of the project and the needs of the investor. We offer our agile management method based on the well-known Scrum methodology, but we also supply fixed-price / fixed-time contract solutions. We can adapt to the established management on the part of the investor, or jointly come to an ideal solution for the project.

Mentoring and know-how transfer

The goal of most projects and investors is to gradually build their team and reduce risks by concentrating know-how on their side. The decision to outsource some or all of the development tends to be related to the need to temporarily increase capacity, to add know-how that the internal team does not possess, or to accelerate the start-up phase of a project, as it takes a lot of time and resources to build a stable and reliable team. We respect the needs of investors and we are ready to help his team to gain necessary knowledge until they are ready to take over the operations and subsequent development at their side.

Managing multiple teams

We have experience in coordinating multiple development teams within an extensive project. We provide a common development and testing environment, workflow and quality control conventions. Our role can be as of a standard team member or we can cover the whole development and become a guarantor of a common result. We ensure compliance with standards across development teams as well as mentoring to supply the necessary know-how to other teams. We keep skills development and experience sharing across teams while working on a common goal.


Subsequent cooperation

The completion of our main mission on the investor’s project does not have to mean the end of the cooperation. It can continue in the form of a service-level agreement to ensure operation and monitoring, we can help with an occasional development, or provide the necessary consultations. It is in our best interest to maintain long-term good contacts with mutual satisfaction. The guarantee of the quality and sustainability of the solution can thus remain unaffected.

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