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Since 2013 we closely specialize in the design and development of customized software solutions. Today we are a stable company with the number of implemented solutions in both the Czech Republic and abroad. We focus mainly on building SaaS solutions, enterprise service architecture, data integration and process automation and management of large IT projects. We provide services with an emphasis on mutual trust which is the key value in today’s IT world. Selection of the right delivery model and its compliance throughout the cooperation with our clients ensures we deliver our projects at the highest quality.


We have a team of focused professionals with rich business and technical knowledge and experience. Interest in new technologies and trends in the IT industry motivates us to increase our expertise even further every day.


  • trust
  • long term relationship
  • highest quality

Hanaboso in numbers

  • 6+ years of delivering robust solutions
  • 15+ developers
  • 15+ long term projects


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