Application development

Software development is not just about programming. It is all about proper design, quality management and work organization. There must be a real understanding of the business value of the desired solution and the expectations and limitations of the investor on top.

Analysis of requirements

Both application development and outsourcing are all about the real understanding of the business value behind the desired solution. A thorough analysis of the client’s requirements, capabilities and existing systems is a key to properly designing a solution that will indeed deliver this business value.

Professional architecture design

High quality and useful software are based on the right design of application architecture. The robustness of the solution, its scalability, measurability of performance and, above all, its integration with other systems are important metrics of such a system.

Timely delivery

Mutual trust is a fundamental pillar for mutual satisfaction in the long-term outsourcing of IT services. We build confidence in our services through timely deliveries and continuous communication of project status to clients in the form of regular reports.


We choose development methodologies according to the nature of the project and the client’s preferences. We are able to work independently from the design of the architecture up to the production phase or in cooperation with the internal development team of the client when providing outsourcing of our services.


Unit and integration tests are an integral part of our development. Software development testing cannot be underestimated. Our workflow includes manual acceptance tests to verify the output quality of each partial submission.

Operation & maintenance

We provide complete services for running our applications throughout their entire life cycle, using our own servers, client servers, or cloud services (AWS, Azure). We take care of automated production deploy, server virtualization, backup, monitoring and optimization of server resources.

Machine learning

In case of relevant business value, we offer solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies such as natural language processing, image recognition or anomaly detection.


We code server-sides of our applications in Go, Node.js, C #, Java, PHP, or Python languages. We use MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, ArangoDB. Our applications run in docker containers. At frontend of our applications we use javascript frameworks React.js, Vue.js or Angular.

Our servers, whether physical, virtual or in containers, are managed via the infrastructure-as-code principle. We use tools like Puppet, Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, InfluxDB, ELK stack and others for reliable operation of our systems running on-prem, in AWS, Azure, GCE, or OpenStack.
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