Integration and service architecture
Process automation
Custom development
IT Outsourcing

We provide services with an emphasis on mutual trust which is the key value in today’s IT world.

Development and outsourcing

We provide analytical services, software architecture design (monolithic or microservice), development and testing of applications, DevOps, and web application hosting including the AWS cloud environment. We use well-established development methodologies with proven and functional workflow. We have many years of experience in providing outsourcing services in IT.

IT Outsourcing - team for a lease

We provide experienced and well-matched teams of developers that includes programmers, software architects, analysts, UX and graphic designers. By a flexible approach to the participation of individual roles in each project, we save overall development costs. We achieve reliable results and sustainable solutions when developing software.

Integration and service architecture

We enable business applications and cloud services to communicate with each other. We remove inconsistencies and duplicates in the data. We help businesses make better use of their IT infrastructure and easily integrate new services. The right design of IT infrastructure is a crucial basis for the current digital world trend.

Process automation

We help companies reduce costs and speed up their processes. Flexibility and monitoring are key features for process optimization and increase of competitiveness. We developed tools that help automate processes efficiently and that provide all the key features for their subsequent optimization.

Selected implementations

Automating processes for an e-commerce store

We have built and automated processes for one of the largest e-commerce companies in the Czech Republic. We delivered a solution based on the newest technologies within microservice pattern, highly scalable and integrated within the existing ecosystem of our client. Onboarding of new partners through our channel opened possibilities of additional profit extraction out of existing systems.


Process automation and data integration of a credit company

We have consolidated data flows and management in an international credit company. We have integrated and consolidated data into existing internal processes of our client, and automated number of routine tasks. Our solution led to better data management and organization, lower internal risk and decrease of operational costs of the company.


Development of integration platform

A foreign startup focused primarily on the American market came up with the demand for development of a platform that would enable non-developers to easily integrate applications within a few clicks. First, we built a prototype version that verified designed concepts. Next, we designed architecture and developed a solution for the whole project. We managed several teams of client’s external suppliers to deliver the whole project.


Development of emailing and marketing platform

Our task within this implementation was to ensure the integration of already arising platform with other cloud services. We built an app store with a number of connectors for e-commerce, CRM, ERP and social networking services. Finally, we took over the development of the whole backend microservice infrastructure which we further evolve according to the requirements of the client.

Selection of reference customers

DevOps consulting and support - Docker for Atlassian services (Jira, Confluence & Bitbucket) and their automated deployment.
Development of an application for the management of licenses of competitors of the cycling association, announcement, and publication of results.
Development of backend microservice applications and process automation for one of the largest players on the e-commerce market in the Czech Republic.
Development of the backend part of the application enabling the full-text search of case law, creation of searches, own collections, and comments.
Design and development of a platform that allows non-developers to easily integrate applications with each other.
Development of backend microservice applications in Java language.
Payment gateway implementation, Apple Pay connection, modifications of front-end parts of the application.
Development of the Top Clerks web application for keeping and managing electronic accounting.
Unification of data flows & control, data integration from existing internal processes, and automation of a number of routine tasks.
Development of the CannyApp application for registration, administration, and invoicing of work performed.
Development of an Internal system for creating marketing campaigns and monitoring/filtering of client segmentation.