Processes automation

The ability to react quickly provides competitive advantage. The monitoring enables improvement possibilities. Process automation delivers both while reducing costs.

Automation instruments

We’ve developed a platform that enables efficient and comprehensive management of automated processes – from modelling, scripting and traffic management – including monitoring to metrics management, that makes performing the feedback analysis and the subsequent optimisation possible.

Process modelling

Process modelling is the cornerstone of process automation. Our Pipes platform includes an intuitive, user-friendly graphical interface with BPMN 2.0 support, including the ability to import BPMN files created from even a different tool. The graphical interface facilitates collaboration amongst enterprise architects, investors and our software developers.


Flexibility is also one of the key features of optimisation. Because of the chosen architecture and the graphical interface, flexibility is the major advantage of our platform. Usage of BPMN does not only provide a modelling tool, it is a real process control mechanism. Performing changes can be a matter of seconds. After running a test that verifies the correct behaviour of modified topology, it is possible to put these changes into operation and run it by a single button click.

Operation and monitoring

To run application scripts, we use a virtualised Docker containers environment. All containers and data traffic are fully monitored. Miscellaneous metrics are collected to help us identify the bottlenecks. Based on this data, we are able to properly modify the process topology and scale individual topology nodes according to real needs.

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