Web applications  development

Software development is not just about the programming, but also as much about design, quality management and work planning and organisation. On top of all this, there must be a real understanding of the business value of the desired output and the expectations and limitations of the investor.

How we work

We use proven methodologies chosen to suit the nature of the project and investor’s preferences. For larger projects, we usually do the development in relatively small iterations in order to reflect the efficiency and goal achievements in a short time.


Testing of software must not be underestimated. Unit and integration tests are an integral part of software development in our company. Our workflow also includes manual acceptance testing for verification of developed application output and its quality.

Operation and maintenance

We provide full service for running web applications on our own servers, client’s servers and/or in the AWS or Azure cloud. We take care of both automated deploy and server virtualisation. We ensure backup processes, monitoring and optimisation of server resources.

Outsourcing - long-term cooperation

We believe that mutual trust is a fundamental pillar for the mutual satisfaction between companies linked by IT services outsourcing. Therefore we always strive for the closest possible communication with the client, which is provided with regular updates on project progress and can monitor the development in the version control system. The client does not communicate with any project manager, but directly with the authorised software architect, who is in charge of his project.

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