We connect your applications into a functioning system

We create an integration platform that takes the responsibility of the data flow management and processes in both the private infrastructure and cloud

What forms the integration layer?

The integration platform ensures the communication between the applications. Microservices included for this purpose enable the data transformation and other useful data process functions.

The concept of Enterprise Application Integration was described more than 20 years ago. New trends in software architecture expand the use of integrations even outside the enterprise sphere - to most of the software projects categories.

Workflow of integration projects

Requirements of Integration projects are highly specific. Co-working with the client's team or with teams of the integrated services can be useful.

  • Feasibility analysis

    The feasibility analysis is always the core of the project. Based on the analysis, we often recommend some adjustments of the services in the interface or create a proposal for its construction.

  • Implementation analysis

    The implementation analysis describes the interface, authentication, and the way of connecting services in detail. It creates documentation for the development and defines the final form of the integration processes.

  • Building the process topologies

    It may include building connectors and transformation scripts but also microservices for data comparison and challenging transformations.

  • Processes testing

    A phase that can't be replaced by automated tests. It checks the real functioning of the services that can't usually be read from the documentation. It detects side effects of integration processes that need to be reacted to.

  • Production launch and optimization of the resources

    Especially if the solution is deployed to the cloud it's convenient to optimize the infrastructure configuration by monitoring the load. The goal is to minimize the operating costs while maintaining reliability.

  • Supervision and further development

    We can run or monitor the solution in 24/7 mode. Based on the client's requirements we can pass the administration of the whole solution on to their teams and onboard them to the operations and development.

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