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We are data integration experts
We develop and operate sustainable applications and software solutions for our clients with a critical focus on integration with other services and automated processes

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Our projects are mainly turnkey solutions, so each project is unique. But the different areas have still a lot in common.


  • Realtime sync of order and stock statuses
  • Automation of the fulfillment process
  • ERP integration


  • Scalable solutions development
  • Microservice architecture orchestration
  • Integrations of services in the B2B segment


  • Automation of non-production processes
  • Order cycle tracking
  • Operator terminals


  • Development of enterprise services and portals
  • System integrations and process automation
  • Unified view of data

Our services

To achieve your goals, we use creativity, years of experience and a constant urge to learn
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    Solution analysis and design

    We'll hear out your needs and design a solution based on your requirements while keeping in mind your return of investment target. We will provide many years of experience of our IT experts and architects. We will develop creative application designs.

  • 2

    Software development

    We'll deliver as fixed price or time & material according to the client's requirements and the nature of the job. We manage development in an agile way. The result is a complete solution, including the creation of a test and production environment, possibly even in a high availability mode.

  • 3

    Integration projects

    We'll ensure that your systems, microservices and cloud SaaS communicate with each other. We’ll automate your processes, synchronize data, and enable a unified view of your data across all systems. We will deliver a tool for process and data flow orchestration.

  • 4

    Hire a team

    We'll deliver a complete and coordinated team of PHP, Node.js, Go, Vue.js developers
    (More about our technologies), who will work closely with your team. We provide all the necessary roles such as programmers, software architects, DevOps specialists or testers.


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B2B data integrations for enterprise software producers & SaaS providers
  • Get a scalable solution to integrate your customers' system
  • Let users of various services become your customers
  • Speed up onboarding of your customers
Our work
Selected projects and what our clients say about us
CE logo

Integration, data pumps, data repositories for analytical needs.

CSC logo

App for the cycling federation competitor licenses, announcement & publication of results.

Dsync logo

Design and development of a SaaS platform, app integration without the need for programming.

Elnino logo

Development of an internal system for marketing campaigns and client segmentation.

Our clients' words

I have had the pleasure of working with Hanaboso for more than three years now. Hanaboso team are extremely dedicated bunch of exceptional developers and product builders who truly take a project for their own and contribute to the overall delivery by coming up with new features all the time and helping with overall business strategy. This is an asset which is hard to come by especially in today’s rapid development market. They are not only developers who do as they are told but your best allies when it comes to delivering an exceptional product.

Martin Novák
Octerpus Pty Ltd
Topclerks logo

Development of a web application for keeping and managing electronic accounting.

ICZ logo

Development of backend microservice applications in Java.

Iudictum logo

Application for full-text search of case law and creation of searches & integration.

Mall logo

Microservice architecture services, internal portal building & integration.

Vodafone logo

Dev-ops consulting and assistance with service dockerization and deployment automation.

Restia logo

Payment gateway integration, Apple Pay, modification of front-end parts of the application.

Our clients' words

My previous experience with developers have been generally bad, but HANABOSO managed to change that opinion quickly. We have been working with this team of developers for several years now and we cannot praise the cooperation enough. In addition to the high quality of their work and their expertise, we appreciate their reliability and their ability to quickly find their way around the field of the application being developed (in our case, law). If you are looking for a development team for long-term cooperation on the development of (not only) large-scale applications, we can only recommend HANABOSO developers.

Jakub Hanyáš
Paradox Online, s.r.o.
Our team
Experience is non-transferable and expensive to acquire

The cornerstone of our work is the knowledge and many years of experience of our architects and team leaders. We are looking for colleagues with motivation to create and desire to learn.

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