Jan Karel


You can do whatever you want, but give it your best shot!

I even teach my children that they can do anything they want, if they do it properly. I hate a halfway done job. The person doesn't have to be the world's number one, but if they want to achieve something, they have to give it their best shot. At the same time, I also learned that everyone has their limits. I think that people who help me create our vision today are the most valuable part of Hanaboso.

At first, I programmed the applications, later designed, then some developers helped me with them and then came the first great order. And also a great fortune to meet the colleagues who form a significant part of the company core today. The development of Australian startup Dsync with our twelve member team took almost two years. At the end I couldn't imagine that with this project our cooperation would end. Till this day, I really appreciate that it did not happen. Only my role has changed. Unlike the original solution and software architect, my responsibility is now creating a space for realization of the best people I have ever had and still have the honour of working with.