Radek Jirsa

Software architect | team leader | coffee hero

The game is not over until I have all the achievements.

I like my rituals. Sometimes, I may hold on to them a little too tightly. Morning coffee after the first standup, second cup after the last. Third, while I'm heating up my lunch. With fourth, I am having Tribit for a snack. And the last one I drink just before I leave the office, not to fall asleep on my way home. Intriguing is, that even with so many cups a day, I am rarely lucky enough to drink my coffee hot.

I programmed my first Hello world! when I was 13 years old. I was dedicated to the field in high school and college. However, after a few months of Eng. studies, I realized that the lectures from professors were not enough. So I dropped out of school after several months, and joined Hanaboso as a software developer - which is for me the right cup of coffee.

Today, I'm in charge of my own team, designing project architectures and contributing to the development of the whole company.

Professsional experience

7 years of practice with software development and architecture designs

Architecture and management of development for both monolitical and microservice solutions

Practical experience in development for various industries such as marketing, news, eCommerce, ...

Knowledge of building integration solutions

Development in PHP, Node.js, GO, Java, Vue.js, ...