Lukáš Trumm

Software architect | Team leader

The joy of a job well done

I like doing work that brings joy to everyone involved. And I like co-creating it from the position of a team leader. What helps me is the experience of various life roles such as a father, husband, scout leader, and endurance runner. Some of my work can be seen on the website

I've been lucky enough to try different roles in engineering teams - I started in a service team of a large application in energy industry, tried backend, DevOps and automated testing, but lately I've been mostly a technical leader of frontend projects. The basic web technologies - HTML, CSS and JavaScript - have grown on me the most. And it's fascinating to see how their capabilities are expanding!

I love Linux, command line, Vim and everything related to it. After all, it's best seen on more than 700 commits in my personal rep lttr/dotfiles. I rather spend 59 minutes writing a script than an hour doing manual labour.

Professional experience

7 years of practice with software development and architecture

Knowledge of Vue.js, Angular, React

Development management and architecture of frontend applications (Vue.js, Angular, JAM stack, design systems)

Experience with automated testing, CI/CD and production management of great systems