We seek an effective way to achieve goals without wasted expenses

Use existing, add new

Our focus is software development, yet our solution doesn't include only programming

Combining experience from different fields scales possibilities of design. What is an innovation in one segment can be a matter of course in another.

We help with

Customized solutions, therefore every project is unique. However, all segments have many things in common.


Especially real-time synchronization of stock and order statuses and fulfillment processes automation.


Microservice architecture, sustainability of the solution, scalability and for B2B segment integrations with other services.


We have experience with custom and laboratory manufactory where we were dealing mostly with operations and tracking of the manufactory processes.


A unified view of data and integration of systems into a functional whole that enables the automation of many processes.

Creative design

Creativity helps to discover ways.
Experience to anticipate the risks.

To help our clients understand what they can improve, we must listen first.

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