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When is it worth it?

  • You want to focus on the business side and have the development handled by an external coordinated team.
  • You don't have experience with development management and building up a team.
  • You need specific know-how.
  • You're pushed for time. A complete and coordinated team with set up processes and competencies doesn’t happen overnight. You can rent one of our teams and form your own during the cooperation.
  • Your project is time-limited and doesn’t compensate for the expenses and risks of building up your team.

What can you acquire?

Primarily the experience of software engineers from both small and large projects.

Roles that can be part of your team:

  • Analyst
  • Solution architect
  • Software architect
  • DevOps specialist
  • UX designer
  • Developer
  • Tester

Technologies we work with:

Node.js, Go, PHP, Vue.js, MariaDB, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes...

More about technologies

How can we cooperate?


Based on the project requirements, we can agree on partial on-site cooperation.


Do you have your own team and processes for software development? We will adapt. We can use your ticketing system and repositories. We will participate in your standups and planning meetings or retrospectives.


Our processes are based on agile methodology. We regularly report all activities and plan the next steps with our clients.

Exit plan and support

Cooperation can or doesn't have to be time-limited from the beginning. We will set expectations for the end of the project together. We can stay in the role of the operator and supporter or hand the delivered part of the solution on to your developers.

Ensure the capacities for your project

Hire a team