Integration and Service Oriented Architecture

Combine individual parts of your business into one unit. Your existing tools are much more valuable for you when they can communicate with each other.

Services integration

In recent years, service integration has become one of our core specialities. We have developed a platform to streamline the integration process with built-in handlers for different transport protocols and data transformations.

Orchestration and controlling mechanisms

An orchestration often involves the communication amongst multiple infrastructure points in order to achieve a single goal. Our platform enables us to build an orchestration layer and controlling services for the whole infrastructure.


The whole communication amongst integrated parts is monitored and supervised. The data we collect helps us to optimise the communication amongst services and to scale services to match real requirements and needs.


We use an isolated services architecture that was developed using the most appropriate tools with no compromises. Tools and technologies such as Docker, Swarm and Kubernetes help us with the implementation and management of these services.

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