Pavel Severýn

Software architect | Team leader

I don't do the job for myself, but for the customer. So I approach it that way.

In my personal life, I am a father of two, husband, and Chihuahua owner. And because the Chihuahua (and sometimes children) needs exercise, my most frequent leisure activity is walking.

I like working efficiently. I try to listen to the client's needs and look for the best way to meet them. I build solutions based on my years of experience. I perceive the priorities of the project and proceed accordingly with my team.

I've been a software developer for almost 20 years. In the beginning, I went through a tough school, but it taught me to approach my work with a great responsibility. Now I just "kibitz" the programmers' work and my main domain is the role of a team leader and architect. As a leader, I have a firm hand and I am strict with myself and my team members. I want everyone to do more than just mindlessly complete assignments.

Professional experience

15 years in e-shop business with all its pros and cons (e.g. Design, management and architecture of all 2010-2018 e-shops)

Experience with industries inclined to marketingu such as PPC, Affiliate, Tracking, GTM

System architecture design (microservice architecture)

Built great projects in different programming languages e.g. PHP, Java, Go, Python

Overall experience with IT - hardware technologies, networks (CISCO CCNA), software technologies, DevOps

Knowledge of air navigation processes and flight planning